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When I turned 40, I wondered what I wanted most in my life.

I realized that I want to travel with my family, devote time to sports and just have a good time. I did not want to spend my whole life in an office.

I read the book “1,000 Places to Visit Before You Die,” and this has become my goal for the next 10 years.

However, if you travel all the time, where do you get the money for life?

Like many others, I thought that it was necessary to invest money in real estate and receive interest from renting it out. However the rental yield in European countries hardly exceeds 5% per year, which did not correspond to my desires at all, I wanted at least 20%, or better, more, since 20% per annum turns each 1,000 euros invested into 95,396.34 euros in 25 years, which is shown by a conventional compound interest calculator.

But what can give 20% without too much risk for the investor? I didn’t want to gamble on the stock exchange, buy cryptocurrencies or enter any dubious schemes.

And then it dawned on me!

I decided to give old containers a second life!

Converting cargo containers into mobile modular crypto-houses, cafes, offices, etc., will allow me to rent out real estate with a significantly higher probability than stationary apartments and offices. And if an unsuccessful location is chosen, I can always move them to a new location.

Just imagine, the average cost of a one-room apartment in any EU capital is at least 100,000 euros. It can take in as much as 1,000 euros / month.

In the case of mobile homes, we can create 10 hotel rooms, 10 offices or 10 cafes, which, even with a minimum rental price of 400 euros / month, brings us 4,000 euros! In addition, while the room is not occupied, it can mine crypto-currency, since it has free electricity capacity.

Just imagine what kind of income that will bring

in 25 years!

This impressed me so much that I created a plant for the production of autonomous houses (which reduced their cost by 50%) and a management company that rents them out.

Now we are ready to invite you to join our company and make money together.

Our company’s mission:

“Letting anyone own a lucrative business that turns old containers into a highly profitable product, which not only brings us money, but also makes this planet a little cleaner.”

Our company’s philosophy consists of 4 steps:

Step N1.

We want to make money.

Step N2.

We find people who also want to make money.

Step N3.

We help our partners earn money.

Step N4.

We are happy when our partners make money.

This simple system, which is more than 2,000 years old, allows all of us to be successful.

If you like our philosophy and our mission, join us.

You can buy any our products and rent it out in your own in your city, or instruct our management company in the EU countries to do this on very favorable terms:
First, we return 100% of the cost of the house and only after that do we divide the 50/50 with you.


Don't have the money to buy the whole house?

Not a problem, you can buy a house together with other members and get the same income.

The investment amount can start with as little as 1,000 euros.

This is the cost of an inexpensive iPhone, which will lose 60% of its value in a year.

What do you want: To own a phone or to become a co-owner of a business?

Covid-19 has spawned a new trend! People want to live autonomously outside the city and according to their own rules. We give it them!

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